Say Hello to the KSO Online Brand Package

The KSO (Online) Brand Package is orchestrated to secure key partners the most valuable, effective and powerful brand promotion through KSO’s online platforms and channels. The branding package is rooted in the KSO Microsite Program which is designed to create strong landing pages on kaisersport.dk and to attract traffic through pull and push strategies on Social Media. Read more about the concept below

The concept of the KSO Online Brand Package explained

As a part of our online content marketing strategy, we have developed The KSO Microsite Program


The KSO Microsite Program will maintain as the core of the KSO Online Brand Package as well as the rest of our online marketing operations. The program is basically focusing on creating strong content on our website through specific microsites adapted to the storyline of your brand as well as the KEY-products of yours.


We fully believe that it is on our website that users can perform the most valuable actions. That is why it is important for us to get users into our website. On this platform they can acquire knowledge, be inspired or buy products. Furthermore, we can use that data to create strong re-targeting segments and audiences for our social campaigns.


When the microsite is up and running it will be followed up by a social media campaign designed to drive traffic into the site. 


Well, the brand package is divided into two areas. One on the website and one in the social media front line. The main social media channels for 2021 are set to be Facebook and Instagram.

In order to evaluate our performance, on collected online campaign activities (Counting paid and organic content), we use our - invented - marketing metrics and key performance indicators to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across the field of our main media channels - counting Google Organic, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and E-mail marketing. Thereby the selection of channels, referred to as our channel plan, will be pulled off to relevant audiences.


The customer segmentation is based on our experiences and observations in the market, combined with a beloved approach for data collection and the non-limited possibilities of re-targeting technology - all in order to maximise marketing ROI. By our channel plan and the selection of push and pull strategies, we are able to ensure a healthy variety of traffic into our website and the specific micorsites and further url's of your brand.

Brand Package Campaign Assets

What is in it for you? As a strategic partner, your brand is brought into the hub of our followers, fans and loyal end users - with a demonstrated history of purchasing power.


Our in-house web & marketing department will produce unique storytelling, image production and video content with storyline of your brand for Spring Season (SS) and Autumn Winter (AW) respectively.


We ensure your brand with 60-80 days paid media evenly distributed between SS and AW - Or according to the specific demands of yours. Below you will find all assets your KSO Online Brand Package: 


Unique Microsites on KAISERSPORT.dk

You get: 2 x microsites 

We provide you with two unique landing pages, beside the brand page, on kaisersport.dk, due to KSO Microsite Program and dedicated to showcase the brand stories and product range of your brand. 


Paid Media on Social

You get: 2 x branding campaigns 

We ensure your brand with 60/80 days of paid media campaign activities on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The 60/80 paid days will be marked to brand the two microsites of SS/AW


Non-Paid Media on Social

You get: 6+ organic posts on social

Actually the organic part is a small thing for us. We know Facebook and we are fighting against constantly changing algorithms which makes it difficult for us to estimate the value of organic content. However we are still confident to post the minimum of 6-10 organic posts on Facebook/Instagram thorughout SS/AW.

Giveaways on Social

You get: 1-2 x giveaways

We have found that FB-giveaways are an effective way to drive first-time traffic to a specific brand-microsite on kaisersport.dk. This will kick-start the opportunity for effective re-targeting campaigns throughout the seasons of SS and AW. 

Email Marketing

2 X Newsletter

The key stories of your brand of SS/AW will be published in our newsletter to keep your brand top of mind for the consumers of KSO in order to increase a strong brand exposure. 


Say hello to our sub brand en KSOfilm | In-house produced video content of KSO