KSO and PUMA collabs goes way back - but the ForeverRun-project started in 2020


The development process on ForeverRun NITRO kicked off back in 2020, where KSO and the PUMA Innovation team, used a small gap in the Covid-period to unleash a development workshop of dimensions. The overall goal was to push innovation deeper into the world of biomechanics, understanding running injuries, optimizing sensory feedback and a common wish to re-invent the interaction of running mechanisms in midsole geometry.

This collaboration is visible globally through our custom designed insoles.

The Innovation Team from PUMA, located in Herzogenaurach, deep dived into an innovative production process – while KSO pushed on integrating true running mechanisms into the geometry while experimenting with optimized sensory feedback from the footbed. Together we created a specialized insole, handmade in the workshop like we’ve done for twenty years and then industrialized for perfection. That insole will provide sensory feedback and expand tissue tolerance when running.

"Developing a sockliner that has a real impact on the running experience."


Jan Steinicke, CEO: “Developing a sockliner with real impact on running experience for a majority of runners is complicated. But, through a unique collaboration with PUMA we created multiple rounds of prototypes and tested them to perfection. Everything was designed, created, molded and grinded in hand then digitized and perfected for an unforgettable running experience”. 


Simon I Nielsen, Product Developer: “First of all, we hand molded a cast footbed which focused on the geometry and anatomy of the heel bone, arch and forefoot plateau. The aim was to mirror the organic and dynamical curves from a human foot – and from there manipulate it with sensory features that matches the midsole geometry and overall goal of ForeverRun – which is creating great running experiences, providing strong pre-injury conditions and thirdly guidance.”

Through a thorough lab testing the outcome has resulted in a running shoe built on running mechanism


Through testing with Qualisys we found that running with heavy mid-posts, different foams and controlled movements versus, basically, running on the ground with only carbonized rubber as a surface – the foot translates sensory feedback from its surroundings and rolls out motion from impact to transition, reacting to mirror and adapt whatever challenge we’ve exposed it to. Seeing this was a wakeup call. It confirmed that running based on degrees of pronation or supination was outdated and terms like peak forces, rolls and glides, velocity, sensory feedback and tissue elastics were new industry basecamps and would become the groundwork for what the ForeverRun NITRO franchise would be built on. A running shoe, that's actually developed upon running mechanisms - makes sense

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The PUMA ForeverRun Nitro is striving to achieve the optimal running experience for the everday runners - regardless if you are a neutral runner or need support. We at KSO has collaborated with PUMA to design the insole with an increased arch support, a heel cup to center your rear foot and a met head spreader to assist the forefoot and to support you throughout your run.  

• Dual layer NITRO foam composition to give a cushioned and supportive ride
• runGUIDE for pronation support and enhancement of the foots natural efficiency 
• KSO insole design, to support the natural movement of the foot
• PUMAGRIP outsole, for the optimal grip on different surfaces
• Engineered mesh upper with PWRTAPE, to achieve a breathable and supportive upper that is still lightweight and comfortable

Weight:  273 grams in men US 9 | 232 grams in women US 8 
Heel drop:  10 mm | 36 mm - 26 mm
Support: Mild pronation and support 
Heel counter: Firm 
Size: Normal in size

Training:  Daily training and long runs in the weekends
Surface:  Asphalt, firm gravel paths and forest paths

Runners approved through the largest PUMA weartesting scheme ever.