KSO and PUMA goes way back - but nothing has been the same since 2019

KSO have, secretly side by side, been helping PUMA develop their performance running lineup. We’ve tested, produced feedback, solutions, innovations and been a catalyst for idea creation - always fighting to make the Cat shine again - and look at them now, it’s an incredible evolution.

This collaboration is a celebration of the hours, nights, months and sweat we’ve spent co-developing the performance running with PUMA since 2019 - the purple charcoal and CELL-technologies is a perfect match for that celebration.

This collaboration starts the second you open our shoeboxes


We’ve took out the original insoles, re-created them with a dual density foam combination and crafted them the KSO way to optimize all elements. Just like we do everyday, you’ll need to insert your insoles into a perfectly designed strobel board, and remember to enjoy that smooth fitted insertion.

The RunXX is a revolutionary salute to all women and a united, powerful, signal to the industry.


From biomechanics to anatomy, as it should be. We’ve added our KSO soul and energy into it and it came out designed with a narrow heelbone, a longer arch and a spacy forefoot plateau. The RunXX is full of diversity and a perfect all-rounder - we’ve reduced the flexzones, crashpad, added PumaGrip, increased the heelbevel and minimized toe-spring. Ideal for running, active training or as an everyday hero. Great example of a purposeful project and amazing teamwork between KSO and PUMA.

Eternity is a classic everyday cruiser for optimized comfort or a recovery run.


The upper is built with two symmetrical ‘navi-bands’ that tighten the fitting around navicularis, cuboideum and secure sensory feedback while running. Fit is spacey. The midsole is dual layered with asymmetrical sidewalls to guide your movement. Feels pretty good.

Get to


Puma Run XX




The Puma Run XX Nitro is specially designed for women who want more than just the regular. Featuring runGUIDE technology designed to hug your midfoot for an effortless ride and pronation support. The midsole consists of NITRO foam and provides superior cushioning that combines with other technical elements to give you support.

• XX RUN FOR HERE for women's custom shoe
• runGUIDE for pronation support
• NITRO Foam for soft shock absorption

Weight:  216 grams
Heel drop:  8 mm
Color: White, pink, black, silver

Training:  Daily training and long runs in the weekends
Surface:  Asphalt, firm gravel paths and forest paths

Zip up a perfect teamwork


Created by engineers from PUMA, selected and implemented by specialized staff from KSO. We believe in equality, so everything has been designed in unisex colors but constructed individually with anatomy and performance in mind - just like every project KSO and PUMA have done. Are you considering the purple charcoal? Trust me, it looks incredible and it feels even better.

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Curios for our next project?


We’ve thrown everything into the lab and built something extraordinary. We’ve never tried running in something like this before and neither had the test groups. Feedback has been out of this world. Fitting is extraordinary and so is performance. But you’ll have to wait for 2023…